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I recently recorded a podcast with a buddy of mine Clinton for his podcast, The Clinton Cronin podcast.  Being that many of the guests on the show are either Jiu jets or mixed martial arts practitioners, I pitched the idea to him on doing a podcast on traumatic brain injuries/concussions in the sport.  Concussions and their repercussions have really been coming to light in the last few years and most

people don’t understand how much can be done before and after sustaining a head injury to maximize their healing potential.  I have had a handful of local bay area martial artists show up in my clinic with post-concussion symptoms and they have no idea what to do to be proactive about their recovery.

Sadly, they are usually just told to wait it out by their medical professional until symptoms fail to go away weeks down the road.  Early Alzheimer’s Disease diagnoses are also often times told by their neurologists to wait, observe and hope deterioration of the mind doesn’t happen too quickly…. which is the worst advice by the way!! (more on that in future posts.)

So, coming off that natural high of recording the podcast, which was really fun for me despite being pretty nervous going into it… I actually took the three days prior to recording to prepare for it, that’s how serious I was about it… I decided to finally put together my first blog post.

Anyways, I hope anyone interested in that topic tunes in.  It will be posted to the public in early September.  It can be found on iTunes or at this link: http://clintcronin.com

I wanted to start this blog to encourage people to think and be proactive about their health.  I know there is a lot of confusing and contradicting information out in internet world and even contradicting information being given by healthcare providers.  Doctors will tell you one thing, science articles will show something different…and then other scientific articles will show an opposing view to the previous article you have just read.  That is assuming, of course, that you take an active part in your own health and care to do some investigating for yourself instead of blindly submitting your health to your doctor without asking questions.  Physicians are human too.  I think that gets forgotten sometimes.  We all try to do the best we can with the information or training we have.  Whether that training is outdated, mainstream/standard practice, considered alternative or experimental and “not science based”, or covered by insurance is another issue.  This is why I like to stress the importance of people educating themselves and taking control of their own health, which is contrary to what American culture is taught to believe.

This year, the year of 2016, 3 people who were close to myself or my family have died of cancer and over the last 3 years, 2 other friends in their early thirties and forties go through chemotherapy and radiation and as of now are cancer free.  The most impactful of all these being the death of my father-in-law just this last May.  His 3-year journey with battling cancer was an eye opening experience for me.  Everything from being misdiagnosed for 6 months, then all of a sudden being told its stage 4 cancer not arthritis (OOPS!!) and only having 6 months to live, then being reassured that there was NOTHING that could be done so expect the worst to come…and come quickly.  All of this happening in well-known bay area hospitals.  I don’t want to get into too many details, I think I will save that story for another blog post.  But, he ended up living an additional 3 years and most importantly, the majority of those 3 years were very good quality years with his family virtually pain free and mobile.  He wasn’t confined to a bed and suffering.  He even survived a near death experience caused by hospice care’s desire to “ease” the pain and help him “transition” with their trusty helper morphine.  If it wasn’t for the strength and persistence of his family to get second, third and fourth opinions from different doctors he would not have survived the first 6 months as predicted.  But, this is a story for another day.

I entitled this first post the way I did because I want to share some historical facts on healthcare and healthcare policy in the U.S. to stimulate some thought among readers.  I wish to encourage questions on why we have had the same top 2 health killers of Americans going on 80 years, and why cancer rates are so rampant in the U.S… To ask why Alzheimer’s Disease has climbed to now #3 on the list of American mortality and becoming equally as rampant as cancer with no end in sight.  Alzheimer’s Disease is predicted to bankrupt Medicare within the next few years if drastic changes in the management of the Alzheimer’s patient is not implemented soon.  I hope to write about each of these topics in future posts.

Stay tuned for part 2 where we really dive into some history of cancer policy in the U.S. starting back in 1971 and how it has changed, or lack of change, in 2016.

People don't understand how much can be done before and after sustaining a head injury
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People don't understand how much can be done before and after sustaining a head injury
I have had a handful of local bay area martial artists show up in my clinic with post-concussion symptoms and they have no idea what to do to be proactive.
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