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A woman’s struggle with undiagnosed Hypothyroidism

Bay Area Health and Wellness Center’s case study of a 36 year old female CrossFit athlete who suffered from Rosacea, the inability to lose weight, struggled with body fat and experienced constant fatigue.

We ordered comprehensive blood work and a body composition evaluation via a DXA Scan (full body density scan). The results? She had an underactive thyroid condition called Hypothyroidism.

Patient’s history and major complaints

  • Avid Crossfitter working out 5-6 days a week (nothing was improving)
  • She had a very well balanced diet and was following a macronutrient balanced nutritional program, which was designed for performance and weight loss…with no major improvements in months  
  • She wanted to lower her body fat percentage more and improve her body composition
  • Slept 7-8 hours a night but always woke up feeling tired and fatigued
  • No more personal records in her timed workouts or olympic lifts for quite a while
  • Used oral birth control for the last 3 years
  • Used oral antibiotics for the last 2 years for her Rosacea and skin issues

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Patient’s first blood test results demonstrating Hypothyroidism

  • Elevated CRP and Homocysteine inflammatory markers
  • Poor Thyroid Uptake and T4 to T3 hormone conversion
  • Functionally high liver enzymes indicating inadequate liver detoxification and clearance
  • Vitamin D levels below optimal ranges
  • Micronutrient deficiencies indicating poor intestinal absorption

Her TSH levels are considered normal in today’s medical standards, but her T3 Uptake is low and Reverse T3 is abnormally high.
Watch the video below to see how hypothyroidism can affect the body.

Patient’s Hypothyroidism nutritional program

  • Patient decided prior to starting the program to stop her birth control and Rosacea medications to maximize the effects of the Liver Detox Program
  • Started a 5 week liver detox and intestinal repair program to improve Thyroid hormone conversion
  • Detox off caffeine to help adrenal gland function and sleep quality
  • Elimination diet to identify inflammatory foods contributing to inflammatory skin issues

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Turmeric – Another helpful supplement

Did you know turmeric can help “…combat inflammation, reduce bacterial overgrowth, and fight free radicals [to help]…support a healthy thyroid environment (Lyfe Botanicals)”? Check out Lyfe Botanicals’ article called, 10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin Supplements.

Reach out to us if you have further questions about supplements and nutritional programs.

After 5 weeks of the patient’s Hypothyroidism nutritional program

  • Rosacea and facial swelling improved without continued use of prior medications
  • Consistently woke up feeling rested, without the need for caffeine to function
  • Thyroid hormone markers almost completely normalized
  • Micronutrient deficiencies improved to optimal ranges
  • Lost total 14 lbs; 12 lbs of body fat and 2 lbs of lean muscle tissue confirmed on DXA Scan (full body density scan)

Watch the video below to see the patient’s
Thyroid levels and Body Fat results after just 5 weeks!


Case study 2 -Thyroid dysfunction, Difficult weight loss, Rosacea and chronic fatigue
Case study 2 -Thyroid dysfunction, Difficult weight loss, Rosacea and chronic fatigue

Case study of a 36 year old woman who had chronic fatigue, weight loss issues & Rosacea due to an underactive thyroid, aka hypothyroidism.

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