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Relieve pain & stiffness after a car accident

Car accidents happen far too often, especially here in the Bay Area. If you were in a car accident in the San Jose area (Campbell, Willow Glen, Milpitas, Saratoga, Mountain View, Cupertino, Santa Clara, etc.), and are having aches, pains, stiffness, dizziness or any of the below symptoms, a chiropractor or manual therapist can help relieve your discomfort.

Symptoms after a minor to moderate car accident

  • Whiplash, resulting in a minor concussion
  • Headaches
  • Sense of brain fog, confusion or inability to focus on tasks
  • Muscular sprain and strain
  • Back pain or back stiffness
  • Neck pain or neck stiffness
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Dizziness and blurry vision

What’s the problem with going to a mainstream doctor after a car accident?

Most mainstream doctors and E.R. physicians will commonly prescribe muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories and pain relievers to most car accident victims assuming all life threatening risks have been ruled out.

What’s the problem with this? These medications only work for a minority of patients, and patients are at a high risk of acquiring an addiction to painkillers.

Why seek care from a Chiropractor or Manual Therapist?

Most injuries after car accidents are due to soft tissue injuries (injured muscles, ligaments and tendons). In more extreme cases where a concussion is experienced, brain injury can occur. Everyone wants long-term relief, not temporary. Chiropractors and manual therapists can help revive you.

Advantages of seeking care from a Chiropractor or Manual Therapist

  • Focused manual therapies can be applied to main areas of pain and discomfort
  • Additional diagnostic testing and evaluations can be done that may have been missed in the Emergency Room
  • Direct treatment to the injured muscles, ligaments or tendons can be done minimizing the need for muscle relaxers, pain killers or anti-inflammatories
  • Non pharmaceutical treatments can be recommended for managing pain and inflammation
  • Specific nutraceuticals (food that contains health and medicinal benefits) can be recommended to help manage the brain inflammation that ensued from the concussion


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Relieve pain & stiffness after a car accident
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Relieve pain & stiffness after a car accident
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