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Suffering from post concussion symptoms?

You don’t have to lose consciousness or hit your head to experience a concussion.

The following discusses concussion symptoms, how long concussions can last, potential causes and what to do if you have experienced more than 1 concussion within a month.

Symptoms of a concussion

Blurred vision




Nausea or vomiting

Trouble focusing or reading

Shortened attention span

How long do concussion symptoms last?

A single concussion can last up to a month. However, if another concussion is experienced within that same month, recovery time can double or even triple. The majority of concussion cases heal within 1 month.

It’s estimated that about 15% of concussions do not recover within 1 month. If this is the case, concussion symptoms can last for years. It truly depends on the amount of concussions experienced within the anticipated recovery period. If you’re concerned you may have a concussion, schedule your free consultation.

Can whiplash cause a concussion?

Yes, the rapid back and forth movements of whiplash, especially from a car accident, can cause the same amount of damage as a hard hit to the head. If you are having any concussion symptoms, schedule a consultation today for free.

Here in the Bay Area, car accidents are seen on a daily basis. For those who have been in a car accident, you could potentially have a concussion from whiplash.

*Did you know whiplash is the leading cause of minor concussions in non-athletes?

Whiplash can cause post concussion syndrome

You don’t have to lose consciousness or hit your head to experience a concussion. Whiplash can cause the brain to distort, which can result in a brain injury. Symptoms of a post concussion syndrome last roughly 6 months longer than the usual concussion; it depends on how many concussions are experienced within that healing time.

Can concussions affect my vision?

Mild concussions can make you feel like your glasses/contacts prescription is incorrect. But in reality, your eyes may not be moving together due to the concussion. It’s important to set up an appointment if you are having any vision symptoms.

Steps to help improve concussion symptoms

  1. Evaluation

    1. If patient has their brain scan results, and bleeding or a fracture is ruled out, we determine potential possibilities of a concussion.
    2. If patient was told their brain scan is normal, it should be followed up with thorough functional neurological exams: balance testing, motor coordination and sensory—sensations in the legs and arms, light and sound sensitivities—exams.
  1. Diet & Nutrition

    1. We will determine the type of natural anti-inflammatories and herbs that can be used to control the inflammatory response in the brain, and improve blood flow.
  1. Exercises

    1. Specific neurological based exercises will be given to each person to improve their balance, coordination and motor function where needed.

What to do if you think you have a concussion

If you think you may be suffering from a mild concussion, Dr. Ernesto Medina brings a holistic approach to help you recover. He will assess your symptoms, and provide steps that will help improve your symptoms. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation on our contact page.


 Suffering from post concussion symptoms?
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Suffering from post concussion symptoms?
What to do if you think you have a concussion, or have experienced multiple concussions.
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