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A Diabetic Lifestyle

Lifestyle can have a huge impact on diabetics, but what are those specific changes that need to be made in order to receive a positive impact?

One: Conscious eating

One lifestyle change, whether you’re diabetic or not, is observing what you eat. We all know it’s easy to snack on a candy bar or cookies, but these won’t help lower blood sugar. First you can start by clearing any junk food, processed food, fast food, and alcohol from your kitchen. Since it’s hard to give up those delicious foods, use the substitution method. There are plenty of organic and non-processed foods that satisfy cravings, that are more health conscious.

Diabetic-friendly foods

  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Fresh fruit in limited quantities
  • Fresh veggies
  • Organic grass fed salmon jerky


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*For those interested in brain health and diabetes read, “How to feed your brain” and “Best anti-inflammatory foods for the brain” for more information.

Additional sources for mindful eating

If you’d like to learn more about mindful eating, check out Michelle Sugiyama’s website. She is a Nutritional Chef and a Certified Health Coach, whom enhances individuals in the Greater San Jose Bay Area.

*What are the most common diabetic sensitive foods? Find out in our article, and learn what foods can help relieve diabetes symptoms.


Two: Exercise to lower stress and weight loss

If you or a loved one has diabetes, exercising is another key factor to improving your lifestyle. By exercising, you can help aid weight loss AND lower stress levels. You can take up walking with a friend, join a gym and lift some weights, or take up Yoga! Any healthy exercise routine will only help the symptoms of diabetes.

Plus, exercising regularly can help your body use insulin more efficiently. That way it can convert sugar into energy. Even a quick 30-minute walk can help improve a diabetic lifestyle!

Start your new Diabetic Lifestyle

If you’re in the greater San Jose, California area, contact us and we will provide a free 30 minute consultation to discuss any diabetes or health concern with you. If you’re interested, learn more about our doctor Ernesto Medina, DC and read our client’s testimonials.

A Diabetic Lifestyle
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A Diabetic Lifestyle
Live an improved diabetic lifestyle by conscious eating, exercising more and reducing stress and weight loss.
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Bay Area Health & Wellness Center
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