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Natural ADHD remedies

Mainstream doctors prescribe medications to those who suffer from ADHD, without ruling out natural remedies. It’s unfortunate because every patient should be diagnosed individually, not just given a prescription medication based on an age or gender standard.

Medications for ADHD are not the only solution

Dr. Medina is trained in functional neurology and takes each individual’s needs into consideration. He will provide comprehensive tests for you or a loved one to determine the best natural solutions to help ADHD symptoms. You can contact us to set up a free one-on-one meeting about your ADHD concerns.

Lifestyle and ADHD symptoms

Depending on you or your loved one’s natural treatment plan, a lifestyle change may be a part of your path to happiness. This could consist of diet changes eliminating high allergen foods, natural supplements and physical activities designed to help strengthen weaker parts of the brain.  These will be be based on your specific ADHD needs, all without the use of drugs or medications.

Relieve ADHD symptoms naturally

Dr. Medina has extensive training in brain function that helps him determine and understand how to repair subtle imbalances that can occur in the brain.  This in combination with a brain healthy diet can yield dramatic improvements to ADHD like symptoms. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and to discuss any ADHD concerns you have.

*Learn more about what ADHD is, and how it affects both children and adults.



Natural ADHD remedies
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Natural ADHD remedies
How natural remedies can help relieve ADHD symptoms, without the use of prescription drugs.
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Bay Area Health and Wellness Center
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