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Natural approach for ADD/ADHD in children

Children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are usually prescribed medications to manage symptoms. Unfortunately, standard medical care addresses the symptoms mostly through drug therapy. These drugs can have negative short-term and long-term side effects. Mainstream doctors usually don’t take the necessary time to discuss diet and nutrition or how big of an impact it can have on kids who suffer from ADD/ADHD.

*Did you know diet and nutrition relates to ADD/ADHD and kids’ behavior?

Your child’s diet and ADD/ADHD

A balanced diet is essential but even more so for those who suffer from ADD/ADHD. Any food sensitivities or nutrient deficiencies must be addressed. These can have a major impact on kids, because struggling with a nutritional imbalance can cause the whole body, including their brain, to go out of whack due to their young, underdeveloped brains and immune systems.

We help parents understand their child’s ADD/ADHD symptoms

We start with a comprehensive assessment and in-depth testing to get to the bottom of your kid’s health. Dr. Medina—our functional neurology practitioner—will be able to help you understand what the root causes are, and he’ll create a customized care plan that includes natural therapies, brain exercises and a nutritional plan, not prescription medication.

Our natural ADD/ADHD approach

Here at Bay Area Health and Wellness Center, we take a natural and an individualized approach to each of our clients. Our holistic approach to ADD/ADHD is safe, does not result in negative side effects or health risks, and is proven effective. We’re here to help parents who want extra help and alternative solutions. Contact us if you’re interested in a free consultation with Dr. Ernesto Medina.



Natural approach for ADD/ADHD in children
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Natural approach for ADD/ADHD in children
Article discusses how a natural diet and lifestyle can help children who suffer from ADD/ADHD.
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Bay Area Health and Wellness Center
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