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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is much more than just a quick doctors appointment; it is a full health assessment that is tailored individually, for each patient. We believe Experience Life in association with The Institute for Functional Medicine explain it well; here’s a quote from their eBook:


“In essence, functional medicine is a move away from the drug-based model

of fighting infectious diseases that worked so well in the 20th century to a

systems-oriented, patient-focused model designed to reverse the chronic-

disease epidemic. Today’s most prevalent health issues are mostly caused

by the interactions between genetics, lifestyle choices, and environmental

exposures, and treating them requires both understanding these

interactions and designing appropriate treatments that are personalized

to each individual.”


Unfortunately, medical standards are outdated and are not individualized; mainstream doctors are taught to prescribe pills to ease the pain, but not cure the cause of the issue. But! Functional Medicine is a step in the right direction for our future.


Who benefits from Functional Medicine?

Everyone. Especially those suffering from chronic health issues like Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid imbalances and hormonal imbalances.


Considering a Functional Medicine Practitioner?

Dr. Ernesto Medina is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who is located in San Jose, California. He offers a free 30 minute consultation to get to know you and your health concerns. Contact Dr. Medina to set up your consultation today.


Where do I find more information on Functional Medicine?

Experience Life in association with The Institute for Functional Medicine created a free eBook called, “Functional Medicine: The Future of Healthcare”. It’s packed with useful knowledge about Functional Medicine, patients’ stories and Practitioners who truly believe in treating each individual with respect and care. Be sure to read the free eBook to learn more about the potential of Functional Medicine and the future of healthcare.  




What is Functional Medicine?
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What is Functional Medicine?
Learn what Functional Medicine is and where you can find a Functional Medicine Practitioner in San Jose, CA.
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Bay Area Health & Wellness Center
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