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How can athletes optimize their performance naturally?

Are you an athlete trying to optimize your performance? Dr. Ernesto Medina, DC and Currahee Crossfit and Nutrition Coach Merissa Maiorano, discuss what it takes for athletes to optimize their health naturally for better performance. The preceding details give a brief overview of main points discussed in their podcast.

Optimize yourself with Functional Medicine and a personalized program

Dr. Ernesto Medina talks about optimizing yourself by having a personalized supplement and nutrition plan based on your unique needs. The conventional model of prescribing a fad diet that works for some people may not be the best for others. Most do not tailor health plans for every individual’s needs based on prior health history, lab tests, health of their intestinal microbiome or metabolic demands throughout the day. Dr. Medina discusses how he can help you take the steps to determine the best nutritional and supplement plan to optimize your performance.

First step: personalized blood testing

Once you discuss your performance and health goals and concerns with Dr. Medina, he will order personalized blood tests for you. Contact him today to take the first step.

Comprehensive blood tests will help determine:

Further blood tests include:

  • Micronutrient testing
    • Levels of vitamins and minerals inside your red blood cells
  • Hormone testing for Men and Women (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Andro, DHT, DHEA and Cortisol)
    • To ensure optimal hormone levels and adrenal gland function for optimal training and recovery needs

Contact Dr. Ernesto Medina

If you are interested in discussing your performance goals and concerns, or any other health concerns with Dr. Medina, contact him today. The first visit is a free 30 minute consultation to see if you would like Dr. Medina to help you accelerate your athletic performance goals naturally.

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Crossfit Currahee Podcast with Nutrition Coach Merissa Maiorano and Dr. Ernesto Medina, DC. Podcast, and learn how you can optimize your performance naturally.

Podcast: How can athletes optimize their performance naturally?
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Podcast: How can athletes optimize their performance naturally?
Podcast discussing how men and women athletes can optimize their performance naturally, through Functional Medicine and a personalized program.
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Bay Area Health & Wellness Center
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