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Three of our female patients had chief complaints of chronic anxiety, stomach issues like bloating, poor sleep, and chronic neck and back pain. We learned about their medical history, potential anxiety factors, and then ran comprehensive tests (blood work and computerized posturography—essentially a sensory and balance test). Based on all the information, we came up with our multifactorial intervention strategy.

*Watch Dr. Ernesto Medina’s video at the end of this article to learn more.

The women’s symptoms

  • Anxiety
  • Bloating and abdominal distension (specifically to certain types of grains, wheats, and gluten)
  • Insomnia; inconsistent sleep
  • Chronic neck and back pain

Potential anxiety factors

  • Two out of three of these patients had experienced a traumatic head injury in their past
  • Two out of three had a high stress job
  • One of the three were perimenopausal, so fluctuations in hormone levels could play a role in her anxiety levels

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Blood test results

We ran comprehensive blood work on all three women. Here’s what we found in all three patients:

  • To high or too low blood sugar levels
    • Having unhealthy blood sugar levels can affect the capacity to make healthy brain chemicals, especially GABA and serotonin. For more detailed info on the relationship between blood sugar levels and GABA watch this video.
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Signs of leaky gut
    • Leaky gut causes inflammation in the digestive tract which causes an inflammatory response throughout the entire body and the brain.

To see their lab result details, watch the video below (~4 minutes into the video).

Tackling chronic anxiety video

Dr. Ernesto Medina discusses the steps he took to help the three female patients who suffered from chronic anxiety. Watch the following video to learn more:

*Check out Dr. Medina’s Functional Medicine Approach to Mental Health video to learn more.

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Tackling anxiety
Tackling anxiety

Three of our female patients suffered from chronic anxiety, bloating, insomnia, chronic neck and back pain. Dr. Medina took a comprehensive approach to help them heal naturally.

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