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What is stress? Are there different kinds of stress? How does it affect us and our bodies? Can Functional Medicine help me relieve my stress and control my hormones? Read the following article to learn how Functional Medicine can help relieve stress symptoms, and to learn the connection between stress and hormone balance:

What is stress?

Stress is a physical and chemical reaction within the body that occurs as a result of events that happen to a person in his or her daily life. Stress is not the daily life event itself, but the body’s reaction to that event. It can be present as both a physical or emotional event, and both are equally as detrimental to the body and brain long term.

Is stress good for me?

Stress can be good because it keeps your body alert, protects you from potential danger, and helps keep your senses sharp.

Does stress affect my body?

When the body is in a constant and prolonged state of stress, it negatively affects the body. Too much stress can manifest itself into noticeable bodily symptoms. These symptoms can cause an imbalance in your “fight or flight” system and your “rest and digest” system. When our hormone levels are out of balance, the body suffers in different ways.

Symptoms of too much stress

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Stomachaches, irritable bowel, or diarrhea
  • A chronic rise in blood pressure
  • Chest pain and pressure
  • Trouble sleeping through the night due to a restless mind

If a person has a disease such as asthma, a chronic condition like arthritis, or type 2 diabetes, the constant barrage of stress has the potential to make the disease or condition worse.

*Did you know roughly 43% of adults suffer from the effects of stress on the body?

How can Functional Medicine help relieve my stress symptoms?

One of the most basic things Functional Medicine can do is improve your body’s capacity to handle stress. We start with evaluating micronutrient levels, blood sugar levels, and the number of stress hormones in the body through targeted lab testing. With the lab results, we can determine how detrimental your state of stress is and maximize your body’s natural resilience to handle it. While this is a good short term solution, long term goals should be set. You can start by implementing stress-reducing activities such as yoga, exercise, meditation, and scheduling personal time during a hectic day.  

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Functional Medicine: The Connection Between Stress and Hormone Balance
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Functional Medicine: The Connection Between Stress and Hormone Balance
Learn the connection between too much stress and how it affects our hormone balance. Functional Medicine can help you reduce stress and get your symptoms under control!
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