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At Bay Area Health and Wellness Center  we believe in investigating into the cause of your discomfort and not just masking or addressing the symptoms.  Functional medicine is defined as a personalized, systems-oriented model of health care that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease.  We believe strongly in the principles of functional medicine and take a holistic and alternative approach to working with each individual person’s needs.

We Take A Personal
Approach To
every patient

“Nutrition, Immunology and Neurology”

Using the latest research in Nutrition, Immunology, and Neurology we tailor personalized plans to meet your specific needs.  We very much believe in giving you the most effective plan that yields the fastest results.


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Client Base Growth
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What to expect with us

Everyone's first visit is a FREE 30 minute consultation.

This allows you and the doctor to meet, get to know each other and decide if you will be a good fit. This time also allows for a small intro into your purpose for visiting us and whether the doctor feels that he can help with your case or not. ​

Once you qualify, your second visit will consist of a Comprehensive Exam, in depth health history and a detailed blood analysis if needed.

This information will serve as a base line for evaluating your needs and starting your care.​

After the comprehensive exam.

A follow up visit will be scheduled to explain your exam and laboratory findings.  The doctor will then suggest an appropriate course of care tailored to your specific needs.

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