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Corrine – Traumatic Brain Injury Results in Weird Neurological Symptoms

She went to Dr. Medina five years after a traumatic brain injury, due to the onset of new, strange nuerological symptoms. The two worked together to come up with a solution to find the root cause of her symptoms.

Watch her story to find out more.

Patient – Debilitating Stomach Pain and Bloating

She went to Dr. Medina after realizing her mainstream doctor did not help her debilitating stomach pain and bloating issues. She discussed her stomach concerns with Dr. Medina, who then suggested a diet change that will allow her stomach to heal itself. Using a functional medicine approach, he was able to pinpoint the causative factors and eliminate her pains within days.

Watch her 3 minute video to learn more.

Watch her story to find out more.

Josiah – Avid athlete & Crossfitter

Josiah went to Dr. Medina due to a severe car accident injury. He suffered from lower back pain, wrist pain, and neck pain that was caused by the car accident. Within four to six weeks Dr. Medina was able to get him back into crossfit training due to his tailored nutritional plan.

Watch his story to find out more.

Arin – Avid athlete & Crossfitter

Arin has been training for triathlons and crossfit for many years when she experienced a sudden crash in her metabolism and training capacity. After seeing multiple doctors she was finally diagnosed with a thyroid issue. After years of being medicated for it she started to experience the same metabolic crashing again.  This time, her journey brought her to The Bay Area Health and Wellness Center.  After only 6 weeks Arin experienced drastic improvements not only in her symptoms, but in her lab results.  

Watch her story to find out more.

Danny – passionate care giver

Danny shares his story as a patient of the Bay Area Health and Wellness Center.  

Danny had been told by his primary care doctor that he was showing signs of liver damage, but wasn’t sure why.  Instead of being given nutritional and lifestyle advice he was told to continue his normal lifestyle habits and to check in again in 6 months to see how much more damage had occurred. Danny didn’t like that answer.  He wanted to be proactive about his health.  

Find out what he did and how we helped him on his journey back to health!

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